Welcome to Wear Parts China We produce and supply high quality wear parts for tub and
horizontal grinder, wood chipper and waste wood shredders
including hammers, tips, teeth, blades, knives and so on
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We Help Your Business To Grow Our wear parts can be applied to leading brands including CBI, Doppstadt,
Morbark, Farmhand, Rotochopper, Willibald and other manufacturers/brands
for wood grinders, shredders, and chipper.
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Customized Services We provide a range of customized services including hot forging
and cold forging, surfacing hard alloy, brazing hard alloy, and many
CNC machine centers. At Wear Parts china, we also provide external
processing and product customization services as required by customers.
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Best Selling Wear Parts

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Roller tooth fitting to Doppstadt DW series
Roller tooth fitting to Doppstadt DW series
Shredder Sickle Teeth fitting to Crambo Shredder
Shredder Sickle Teeth fitting to Crambo Shredder
Flail Hammers fitting to Doppstadt Shredder
Flail Hammers fitting to Doppstadt Shredder
Wilibald Shredder Gigant Hammer
Wilibald Shredder Gigant Hammer
Grinder tips Fitting to Morbark Grinder
Grinder tips Fitting to Morbark Grinder
Wear Parts fitting to Duratech tub Grinder
Wear Parts fitting to Duratech tub Grinder
Chipper Knives fitting to JENZ Chipper
Chipper Knives fitting to JENZ Chipper
Shredder sickle teeth fitting to komptech crambo Shredder, blank1
Shredder sickle teeth fitting to komptech crambo Shredder, blank1
Grinder Tips

Wear Parts China

Quality supplier of Grinder wear pars, shredder parts and wood chipper parts.
When your wood waste & recycling machine parts are wearing down, Wear Parts China stand in the gap to provide you with top quality wear parts that meet your specific needs. We offer a range of wear parts for all tub and horizontal grinders, wood chippers, and waste shredders. In addition, we use the highest grade of tungsten carbide, hot and cold forging to enhance our grinder wear parts’ strength. We have gathered a significant database of grinder wear parts over the years. That is why we can produce nearly for all types of the tub grinders, horizontal grinder, wood chippers, and wood shredders parts in the market today. Whether you need hammer mill hammers, tub grinder hammers, or tub grinders tips, we have you covered. Quality of our grinder wear parts is second to none and are available at a friendly price.

what We Do

Provide hot forging, cold forging, CNC machining center, hard alloy brazing and hard alloy particle surfacing for external processing services

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Price, quality and service are always the main factors in choosing suppliers. We are committed to creating higher value for our customers.

Quality Control

Standardization of product quality, controllable production process and more effective elimination of all unreasonable phenomena in production are the goals of our efforts

Tub or Horizontal Grinder

Tub and horizontal grinders are critical machines in waste wood management. Each of the wood grinding models excels in different settings. Tub grinder excels in conditions where space is a problem or in a controlled environment. For the horizontal wood grinder parts, they are a great choice for closed quarters or residential areas. However, their critical wear parts must be kept in their best condition possible. For instance, keep the tub grinder tips sharp if you want to hit a peak performance. Check the tub grinder hammers as well. In addition, always check the horizontal grinder parts such as the hammer mill parts and others. Making replacement for worn down tub and horizontal grinder parts is crucial but quality is key. At Wear Parts China, we offer all wear parts including grinder tips, grinder hammers and other parts for both models at a friendly price.
Wood Grinder
Wood Shredder

Wood Shredders

Wood shredder machine is an outdoor power tools that reduces simple wood waste such as leaves, grass and branches to small shreds. They are useful to landscapers, arborists, and gardeners for disposing of garden waste. The performance of these machines depends on the condition of the wood shredder parts. So you need to keep your wood shredder teeth in the best condition possible. Note that shredder teeth will get dull and blunt over the time and thus the need for replacements. Get quality wood shredder teeth and other parts from reputable manufacturers such as Wear Parts China. In addition, select the right wood shredder machine. If you are planning to shred leaves and other soft organic materials, get a small power engine, and slow speed shredder. Since it is a one-person machine, go for a gravity fed models since its easy to use.

Wood Chipper

Wood chippers are outdoor power tools that reduce reduces tree limbs and trunks into small chips. They are a little bit powerful than wood shredders. However, you must keep the wood chipper blades or knives in their best condition for constant high performance. Note that after using the wood chipper blades, they will become blunt/dull hence resulting in poor cutting performance. Fortunately, there are many reputable wood chipper knives manufacturers such as Wear Parts China you can buy replacements from. That is because the quality of wood chipper blades for sale is crucial. Such reputable suppliers guarantees high-quality tungsten carbide wood chipper knives. In addition, consider hot forged, or cold forged wood chipper blades for sale due to their high strength features. Similarly, there are various types of wood chippers. However, gravity fed wood chipper models are the best since they are easy to use.
wood chipper

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