About Us

About us

When it comes to wear parts for tub and horizontal grinder, waste shredders and wood chippers, at Wear Parts China we stand out from the competition. Our wear parts show extraordinary performance even in the most demanding conditions. Over the years, the company has become a market leader in both producing and supplying grinder wear parts and amongst others tools. Today, our wear parts are being used all over the world by thousands of people due to their unrivaled levels of customer satisfaction. Our cutting-edge technologies in production, quality, and upholding international standards are key pillars that have enabled us to establish a strong foothold in the industry.

We are customer oriented, and we work hard to ensure that our tools’ users are getting a better experience. That is why quality is one of the key pillars that we have invested heavily in.  We boast of being among the few companies using cutting-edge technology as well as the highest grade of raw materials. That’s why our wear parts are among the best highest quality tools you can find in the market. We use the highest grade of carbon alloy steel, and tungsten carbide for all our tub and horizontal grinder, waste shredders and wood chippers wear parts. These are raw materials that offer incredible high resistance to wear and abrasion.

In addition to the highest grade raw materials, we boast cutting-edge technologies that make our products stand out. We use hot forging and cold forging to enhance the strength of wear parts for astounding performance.  We also customize wear parts using hard alloy particles and brazing hard alloy deposits to improve their strength. But that’s according to customer requirements. You just need to place an order with we will do the rest for you. You can also pick the level of hardness that you need, and our team will work on it.

In addition, we have invested heavily in the in our production. Our factory is one of the newest in the industry. Therefore, we have equipped it with the latest and most advanced pieces of equipment. We some of the most advanced CNC machining centers. We have also automated most of the functions such as surfacing system and brazing line and so on. Such machines amongst others have greatly enhanced the quality control in our manufacturing processes. We have invested in the best production skills. We have some of the best experts in the factory to maintain that the quality of our production process.

At Wear Parts China, we are driven by the urge to offer our customers a better experience with our products. With us, quality, affordable and low cost of maintenance is a guarantee. We have our own forging factory where wear parts design and production takes place. But if you need a customized order, we can handle as well. In addition, we can provide external processing services as required by customers. Our wear parts are available at a friendly price but of good quality. Customers are welcome to our plant and buy products at a wholesale price.

Customize wear parts

We not only manufacture standard wear parts but also customize different wear parts according to your request based on your design or samples.

Precise manufacturing equipment

Our wear parts are manufactured in an ISO or CE certified manufacturing facility to ensure the highest standards in the industry are met.

Professional service

We are committed to providing assistance before, during, and after the sale, and feel that all questions and concerns deserve an expedited answer.

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Wear parts because of the original factory manufacturers have different processing methods and sizes