Morbark Horizontal and Tub Grinders with Their Successful Experience


Morbark Horizontal and Tub Grinders with Their Successful Experience

Morbark Horizontal and Tub Grinders with Their Successful Experience

If you have been in the wood processing industry, you must have come across the MORBARK Company. MORBARK is one of the oldest wood processing machine manufacturers in the industry. Founded in 1957 by Norval Morey, the company has grown to become one of the most reliable machines and wear parts manufacturers.

Norval Morey was a local saw miller in Winn, Michigan United State before he decided to venture into the manufacturing industry. Due to his experience as a saw miller, the company initially based its manufacturing in wood machines. The first machine that the company produced was a portable pulp wood debarker.

For more than six decades now, the company has grown to become one of the most reputable brands in the market. But they have come a very long way. When Morey started Morbark Debarker Company, the mechanization of various industries was taking place, including the wood processing industry.

Being an experienced sawmill operator, he was at the right place and at the right time. From the wood debarker, the company engaged in more innovative design and production of machinery. One of the key elements that have made MORBARK Company stand out from most of the competition is their machines’ quality. The company has been releasing high-performance equipment for a range of uses.

You will notice that the company expanded its line of equipment over the years. From just one machine in 1957, today MORBARK boasts of dozens of machines on their catalogue. They have machines for biomass, forestry and tree care. If you need wood recycling machines, they have a range of horizontal and tub grinders for you. They are also selling shears and grapples for wood recycling.

In the catalogue of MORBARK Company machines, you will also find sawmills, land clearing and row maintenance machines. Therefore, if you want to buy forestry mulchers for land clearing, the company has something for you. Other machines you can find at Morbark include mini skid steers, mulcher heads, flails and aerial trimmers.

Most people would be wondering how such an old company has remained relevant for this long. The trick that the company has used is very simple. They have been providing the market with what it needs. The company has a technical team that researches widely on what the market needs. They can tell what machine users need to make work easier. So, in every release that MORBARK Company makes, the machine comes with features that meet user needs.

The other thing that the company has done is advancing machine technology. The modern technology is very different from what was there 1957 when MORBARK was founded. What they have done is adopting the best new technologies. There were no automated machines when the company started. But today, they have some of the best-automated machines in the market. Just look at their latest forestry mulcher and see the level of automation the company offers. They have been advancing their technology with every release.

Due to their dominance in the market, MORBARK Company embarked in buying other companies selling machines. Did you know that by the end of 2012, MORBARK had acquired the Boxer Equipment company? The company then finished the acquisition of the famous Rayco Manufacturing, Inc by early 2017? Most recently, the company acquired Denis Cimaf, Inc, a reputable company in the market. The company might be buying more companies in the future to expand its production and market.

Apart from the machines, MORBARK Company has also been producing wear parts for all the machines they produce. For example, if you need to replace a broken forestry mulcher teeth, just place an order with them. But with the large volumes of machines in the market, other aftermarket and OEM manufacturers are producing parts fitting Morbark machines.

At Wear Parts China, we are a reputable aftermarket manufacturers wear parts fitting MORBARK machines. We produce hammers, knives, holders, chipper blade, flail blades, grinder teeth and grinder tips, among many others. We use hot forging, cold forging, CNC machining centre, hard alloy brazing and hard alloy particle surfacing technologies produces highly performing and durable machines parts.

Contact us for all your Morbark machine wear parts needs. We are also offering customized services for those who need tools for specific conditions.