SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1 Carbide tip and 2 Layers

SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1 Carbide tip and 2 Layers

Having the right grinder tip for your wood grinding machine is critical to both its performance and productivity. That is what we are providing the market with at Wear Parts China. For the users of Duratech grinders, have something special for you. We have designed SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1 Carbide tip and 2 Layers. This is the kind of tip that will improve not only your machine’s performance but also the productivity.

Our grinder tips fitting Duratech grinders are made of 42CRMO or 40CR materials, and by hot forging or cold forging, the tip offers astounding cutting performance.  With a heat treatment hardness of 40-45hrc, these are definitely the kind of products that offers incredible high strength. We can also customize grinder tips using hard alloy particles or brazing hard alloy deposits to enhance their hardness according to customer needs.

SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1 Carbide tip and 2 Layers

Our products are designed to offer extreme versatility in application. That is why we have invested in the best quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies. With such, quality wear parts is a guarantee. Among other features that we have emphasized on in our wear parts production is compatibility. Our grinder, shredder and chipper wear parts fits a range of brands and various models. Our tools compatibility features come to address a number of thing such as availability.

Whether you are using Any brand grinder, shredder and chipper series, our wear parts can fit all of them. With such compatibility features, it becomes very easy to get a replacement for your machine. You don’t need to find the OEM parts so that they can fit your wood grinder or wood chipper. You only need to place an order with us, and you will get everything you need for your machine. We are a one stop shop for you.

If you cannot get perfect grinder teeth or you need special grinder tips for certain conditions, you can place a custom order. We have special machines such as CNC machining centers that enables us to produce any design. Our team of experts is always ready to handle all custom order and deliver within the specified time limits.

Our wear parts are well suited for the Duratech grinders, shredders, and chippers series and other leading brands. Just place an order with us, and we will have it delivered within a very short time. If you need special tools, place a custom order, and our team will pay attention to every detail. We can adjust the wear-resistant processing according to the customer’s tool performance requirements during product use. Therefore, some of our products have surpassed the OEM wear parts in terms of performance. The good news is that we offer our products at a friendly price and unrivaled quality.

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