tungsten carbide hardfacing

At Wear Parts China, we offer exceptional services and products designed to address our customers’ needs. We are adequately equipped and able to meet a vast range of needs for various customers and suppliers when it comes to grinder wear pars, shredder parts, and wood chipper parts. Among the many services that we are offering is the tungsten carbide hardfacing.

So what’s carbide hardfacing?

Hardfacing or hard-surfacing is a technique or a process by which a coating of a harder metal is applied on another metal. The aim of hardfacing is to improve to improve cutting performance and the durability of machine tools and wear parts. At Wear Parts China, we used tungsten carbide hardfacing to repair your worn down tools. Our welding experts use tungsten carbide to enhance the strength, cutting performance and wear resistance of pour industrial machines’ wear parts including grinder, shredder, and wood chipper wear parts and others.

Why Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing?

There are various types of hardfacing, but tungsten carbide is the most popular in the market. That is because tungsten carbide is one of the most durable and strong materials.  The material also offers exceptional resistance to resistance and abrasion. By applying tungsten carbide on the surface of the worn down wear parts, it completely restores that the original condition of the wear part. The means your parts or tools will deliver high cutting performance once again as if they were new.

Benefits of Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing

There are numerous benefits that machines owners enjoy from tungsten carbide hardfacing. The reduced cost of operation is among the benefits. That is because the amount for buying new parts with significantly reduce with hardfaced wear parts. Here are some of the main benefits of tungsten carbide hardfacing:

  • Prolongs the life of parts
  • Increased cutting performance of tools
  • Improved efficiency of tools
  • Increased Productivity
  • High profitability
  • Reduction cost of spare parts
  • Reduces equipment downtime as it keeps your machine longer working.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.

Tungsten carbide hardfacing is definitely the technology that machine owners need to deal with combat extreme wear by abrasion, heat, impact, erosion as well as friction. If you need tungsten carbide hardfacing, our team is on standby to work on your order within the shortest turnaround time possible so that your tools can get back to working order in no time. With our state of the art welding equipment and microprocessor-controlled welding robots and highly experienced welding experts, quality at a favorable price is a guarantee. At Wear Parts China, we are also offering external processing services for Tungsten Carbide HardFacing. Call us or visit our factory anytime.