Why Choose Us

There are numerous reasons why you should consider choosing us as your preferred supplier of Grinder wear pars, shredder parts, and wood chipper parts. However, the most important reasons are price and quantity’s performance ratio. Our machine wear parts offer a higher ratio compared to our competition. To achieve favorable and yet unrivalled quality products, we have worked on cutting the marketing and manufacturing costs.

First, we have cut the cost of marketing and share the benefits with our customers. We have developed approaches that have enabled us to slash off a huge percentage of the marketing budget.

In our marketing programs, we have devised cost-effective ways that give the same result as those participating in expensive exhibitions. For example, to participate in the Bauma exhibition for one time, it costs about $220000 USD- $300000USD for normal scale. That includes include the exhibition fee, sample fee, an open space of 30-40 sqm and so in. Assuming that the factory profit is -6-7%, the impact of participating in such an exhibition is detrimental. It translates to an export value of about US$4.5 million for the factory to recoup. This cost goes to the customer.

Marketing products on reputable network trade platforms such as Alibaba, it’s not cheap either. To have your products put to the Top Sponsored Listing in Alibaba, it will cost about $150000 USD. For the normal listing, you need to part with about $15000 USD. Therefore, to have your products put on the Top Sponsored Listing in Alibaba year round, the cost would be about $180000 USD- $300000 USD annually. That translate to an export value of US$3 million for the company to recoup the market cost on Alibaba.

For us, we have avoided such expenditure by using our own websites and social software as our main marketing tools. We don’t incur exhibitions’ costs or marketing costs on network trade platforms. The benefits from reduced marketing cost-shared with our customers by providing favorably priced wear parts.


Secondly, we have reduced the cost of production by investing heavily in technical research and equipment technology. Our company has co-operated with reputable research and development organization such as Brazing Research Institution, China Iron & Steel Research Institute, and Wenzhou Heat treatment research institute amongst others. Our co-operation is to come up with the latest equipment technologies that are easy and cheap to use.

We also enjoy multi-term patents which have enabled us to benefits from the fifty percent exemption from income taxes as provided for by the Chinese government for all technology companies. All these funds received from the government’s preferential policy is invested back into the production equipment upgrade. For instance, while other factories are operating on a ‘one machine one person’ model, we are using hi-tech machines where our workers can operate 2-3 and even 4-5 machines at the same time without compromising quality and standard of our products. Such upgrades have enabled us remain highly competitive in price, and the quality of our grinder wear parts, shredder parts, and wood chipper parts.

With us, you are guaranteed unrivaled quality machine wear parts at a favorable price. You will also enjoy unmatched customer service