Quality Control

Quality is one of the key pillars in the manufacturer of machine wear parts. At Wear Parts China, we work towards giving our customers a better experience as well as value for money. That is why the quality of our production is always second to none in the market. We have set up strict quality control measures that have enabled us to stand out from the competition. Our quality control is in four areas: raw material, expertise, manufacturing process and packing.

Our quality control starts with the raw materials coming to the factory. What you feed the production is what you get as the end product. Garbage in garbage out. We have put a quality control of raw materials coming into the factory. We also use the highest grade of tungsten carbide and carbon alloy steel as the main raw materials. And we don’t compromise the quality of raw materials. Therefore, we only invest the best grade raw material.

Having the highest grade tungsten carbide and steel is not enough to offer the best wear parts. The production of tool is also crucial a factor. At Wear Parts China, we have invested in a production line that enhances quality of wear parts. We have also equipped our factory with the most advanced pieces of machines.  We have a vast collection CNC Machining centers as well as other critical machines. That explains why the quality of our tools is second to none. With CNC centers, we are able to deliver wear parts for tub and horizontal grinder, waste shredders and wood chipper wear parts as per customers’ specification.

The entire manufacturing is strictly controlled for quality from the first stage to the last. We have automated most of the functions so that there is a less human interruption in the manufacturing. In addition, the quality of operator is equally critical. That is why we have invested in a highly trained and experienced team of experts. We can handle any custom order and deliver as per customer specification. Just place an order and our team is always ready and up to the challenge.

Quality Control

At Wear Parts China, we ensure that products reach out customers in the best quality. We use the bets packaging methods in the market. That ensures that orders are delivered in the best condition. With these four quality control measures, quality wears parts for tub and horizontal grinders, waste shredders, and wood chippers is a guarantee. Check out our wear parts and you will be wowed by the quality.